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Elsevier – The man behind BimBimBikes

bimbimbikes in elsevier

And another interview… with Elsevier this time.

The Dutch opinion journal Elsevier  has interviewed the co-founder of BimBimBikes; Michel Willems. Because Elsevier has been an established and trustworthy magazine in the Dutch media for more than 75 years, we are extremely proud to have been interviewed by them! Of course, the BimBimBikes team consists out of more people than just Michel, but it is still really fun to read how he came to the idea of BimBimBikes. For instance, did you know Michel studied business economics?

Floortje has interviewed Michel about our business model, our target audience, the founding and the future.

The interview is short, but highlights all the important matters surrounding a start-up – in this case, BimBimBikes.

Thanks for the interview!

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