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BimBimBikes has developed a set of tools to help you manage your business more efficiently. Besides the Basic BimBimBikes partnership, you can have access to our new inventory system, enabling you to have an overview of your in-store bookings and your BimBim bookings and to be aware of your stock at all times.

Because we want your business to be the best it can be, we have developed a self-service application, enabling clients to book their bikes directly in the shop. You only have to take care of the payment and the handling of the bikes.

On top of that, in order to simplify your organization when it comes to handling the bikes, we have developed a Mobile App that turns your smartphone into a bike scanner. This App allows you to track your bikes by assigning them a specific identifier (barcode or NFC tag). You’ll know which bike is linked to which booking, when it is due, and how often it is rented. Pretty handy, right?

Below you will find a table explaining the difference between the different partnerships you can subscribe with us.

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Unlimited stock items

Enlarge your customer base

Customer service in multiple languages

Promotion of your location

Track your BimBim orders

Track your in-store orders

Check availability at any moment

Get an overview of your business

Scan NFC tags or barcodes to keep track

Reduce waiting times with the in-store app

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