BimBimBikes in the Media

Travelution – BimBimBikes starts offline bookings with Face2Face

Even more good news: travel industry magazine Travelution wrote about our collaboration with Face2Face Travel! The improved ease which people can rent their bikes with…

Reisprofs renting bike offline

Reisprofs – from renting a bike online to renting a bike offline

Also online news platform Reisprofs thought our new collaboration with Face2Face Travel was interesting enough to mention! This article does not only contain personal…

TravelPro Face2Face

TravelPro – Face2Face works with BimBimBikes

We started a new, exciting collaboration with Face2Face Travel, and this new development has not gone by unnoticed: TravelPro, THE online magazine for the Dutch…


ReisBizz – a BimBimBikes rental bike on a Face2Face holiday

BimBimBikes has started a collaboration with Face2Face Travel, which is an organisation that lets people create their own dream holidays from the comfort of…

Meltwater – This is how BimBimBikes expands their brand recognition worldwide

The platform Meltwater worked out a case that clarifies how BimBimBikes expands their brand recognition worldwide.

KIJK – about BimBimBikes and entrepreneurship

The popular scientific magazine KIJK interviewed BimBimBikes co-founder Michel Willems about entrepreneurship and career choice. The same newspaper also contained interviews with astronaut André…

Welt N24

Die Welt N24 – Fatbiken in Gstaad

The German newspaper Die Welt wrote about Fatbiken in Gstaad and other parts of the Alps and Pyrenees. Not only did the article elaborate…

Leidsch Dagblad BimBimBikes

Leidsch Dagblad – Move through the city on a bike

Journalist Ivy Grootendorst from the Leiden-based newspaper ‘Leidsch Dagblad’ wrote about us! See the original article underneath (in Dutch): LEIDEN – Fietsverhuur platform ’BimBimBikes’…

allplane bimbimbikes

Allplane – cycle as an upcoming airplane ancillary

The international airplaneblog Allplane wrote about BimBimBikes! Allplane predicts that cycling will be the new ancillary for airplane companies.

AD Trump Clinton BimBimBikes

Algemeen Dagblad (AD) – BimBimBikes mocks Clinton and Trump

The Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad published an article today about our video in which Trump chases after Clinton on a stuntbike. The theme of…

dichtbij bimbimbikes – New Amsterdam Light Festival bicycle tour

The local news platform published an article about our bicycle tour during the Amsterdam Light Festival. 

Quote BimBimBikes

Quote – around the world with bike rental platform

The Glossy Business Magazine Quote wrote an interesting article about BimBimBikes and our ‘Velodream’. Two full pages, one of which was completely filled up…

velo urbain

Le Vélo Urbain – cycling during the Amsterdam Dance Event

The French urban bike blog ‘Le Vélo Urbain’ wrote about the Amsterdam Dance Event and our partnership. Nothing beats cruising from one party to another!

Der Brutkasten – Mit dem Startup kommt man per Rad voran

The Austrian startup and innovationplatform ‘Der Brutkasten’ wrote about us! Not only can the startup podcast with Florian Kandler be listened to fully, you…

silicon canals bimbimbikes

Silicon Canals – this is how BimBimBikes spread out across 60 countries

The startup platform Silicon Canals wrote about us again. The incentive was the Startup Milestones podcast. The interview is about how BimBimBikes was capable…


Startupjuncture: how to quickly scale to 66 countries created an informative summary of the Startup Milestones Podcast, in which Michel Willems got interviewed about the lightning-speed growth of BimBimBikes.  

FROM ICE TO SPICE: a travel blog wrote about us!

“We spoke to Francisco Lopes a Lisbon native working for BimBimBikes, one of the first online platforms for bike rental companies. Today they have over 1400 rental points in 65 countries!…

tweewieler bimbimbikes

Tweewieler: BimBimBikes for bikes

Tweewieler, the knowledge hub for Dutch bicycle companies, wrote about us:

Berlin writes about BimBimBikes!

Be News Berlin: a city worth visiting by bike

  Local media in Berlin start talking about us! wrote an article about cycling in the German capitol and included our video: Berlin on a…


Startupjuncture – BimBimBikes receives 250k for growth

The blog wrote about the recent investment in BimBimBikes. StartupJuncture writes about a wide variety of things connected to Dutch startups. The blog is…

sprout business money

Sprout – BimBimBikes comes cycling in with 250k money to grow

We have been startup of the week in business magazine Sprout before. Now, the magazine also wrote about our funding.

dichtbij bimbimbikes – Rotterdam as main stage in international video campaign

We put Rotterdam in the spotlights during a worldwide campaign. Our team of country managers from Italy, Ireland, France, Finland and Colombia create short…

de faam

De Faam – BimBimBikes makes ‘cycling videos’, also of Vlissingen

De Faam, the local online newspaper of Vlissingen, promoted our ‘cycling video’ about Vlissingen. Our Czech country manager studies in Vlissingen and plays the…


Emerce – your bike is ready, anywhere in the world

The e-commerce medium Emerce dived into the world of bike rentals and spoke with Michel Willems, founder of BimBimBikes. Everything about our formula; the…